Exceptionalism often comes out of nowhere. Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Rush… ANTOINE’S LEGACY!

This band of international stature now debuts with its first eponymous album. The album is a true work of art. One could easily compare the brothers Randy and Glenn Antoine with Eddie and Alex Van Halen. One plays guitar, the other drums. But the invisible lines are mainly defined by the intimidating quality of these brothers. The early plans for Antoine’s Legacy were established in an attic.

Now, after years of preparation, the band is ready to release them into the world. In collaboration with singer Marijn Geluk, the Antoine brothers recorded a piece of music that will make you immediately gasp for breath after a first listen.

The impressive musicality of this rock band crosses all borders. For its self-titled album - Antoine’s Legacy - the band went into collaboration with American super musicians Derek Sherinian and Dave LaRue. Sherinian, former Dream Theater and Black Country Communion keyboardist, was very pleased to collaborate after he heard the first tracks. "Derek was extremely enthusiastic and was excited to play keyboards on the whole album", says guitarist Randy.

Sherinian's imaginative and richly arranged melodies run like a thread through the six beautifully crafted songs. With LaRue (Flying Colors, Steve Morse Band, Joe Satriani), Glenn Antoine - perhaps the most talented Dutch rock drummer - was given the opportunity to collaborate with the rhythm section partner of his dreams. After all, this bass legend is responsible for the iconic basslines of these aforementioned artists.

Impressive one could say, but more was to come. As proof of the band's ambitions, Antoine’s Legacy decided to approach none other than mixing magician and engineer Paul Northfield to mix the album. "Paul fits the Antoine’s Legacy sound perfectly”, in the band's own words. Northfield was responsible for mixing albums of legendary rock artists including Moving Pictures by Rush, Operation Mindcrime by Queensrÿche and Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater. "We also had specific demands for the mastering. We wanted to work with someone who would understand our music."

As a result, the Antoine brothers traveled to New York to master the album at the Sterling Sound Studio together with multiple Grammy Award winner Ted Jensen. The list of classic albums listed under Jensen's name is astounding. For example, he was responsible for mastering albums such as Hotel California by Eagles, Supernatural by Santana, Come Away With Me by Norah Jones and Resistance by Muse. Ultimately, however, Jensen's caliber is all about the quality of the songs.

Earlier, Antoine’s Legacy debuted with an EP including the 11-minute iconic epic Pain and Illusions . This song opens this debut album and gives one an immediate impression of Antoine’s Legacy's unique sound. Randy Antoine's guitar skills are masterful, while at the same time his brother Glenn easily manages to approach the level of artists such as Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini. Moreover, Marijn Geluk's vocals are a true treat to the ears. His high and clear vibrato perfectly fit the dynamics of Antoine's Legacy. Bassist LaRue can only speak in pure superlatives. "This is one of the greatest projects I've been involved in. The music sounds great.”

Northfield and Jensen also shower Antoine’s Legacy with unanimous praise. "The songs stick in your head, which actually isn't that common with progressive rock bands.” Incidentally, the men behind Antoine’s Legacy see themselves more as a rock band with progressive influences. "We aren't afraid of being accessible to a wider audience”, says Geluk.

Songs such as Sacred and As The Moon Shatters are proof of this. Actually, Antoine’s Legacy doesn't shun away from any influences. Dirty Details has a complex and unearthly sound and is the longest track on the album at 12:46 minutes. One can even hear some funk in the fascinating closing track Trip into the Night and metal influences in the lightning fast Where We Belong. 'Un-Dutch' is not a term we would use for them. Antoine’s Legacy is a band of international class and allure. A band that has everything in it to become one of the standard bearers of progressive rock. With this truly sensational debut album there is absolutely no doubt.

Biography by Jean-Paul Heck.